How I went from being a workaholic, a complainer, and a procrastinator to being the creator of a great life and addicted to watching the sunset with my favorite person.

Bonjour, I'm Danielle

Full disclosure! I might appear to have it all together now . . . but, not long ago I was suffering from always “wanting more,” and I just couldn't get “it.” ​

Before I arrived here, I founded Blamesville, where one blames everything and everyone for their lack of results. As comfortable and safe as Blamesville appears, staying too long causes the loss of confidence, settling for average or mediocrity and it slowly but surely puts your dreams and goals in a deep fog, making it hard to see the path back to them. ​

I was really good at setting goals, but I failed to reach them. I would start, then get sidetracked with the next shiny object. Procrastination and embracing distractions as lifesavers were my go-to excuses. So I would just work harder, longer hours. I would buy another “perfect journal” or calendar. Once, I even decided to bullet journal and spent days trying to make it look perfect. I pushed myself to the limit, thinking I am woman, I can do more! I lost track of my dreams, my goals, and what I really wanted, and even became quite ill for almost a year.

One day I decided I wanted more out of my life. I realized that no one was going to hand me the life I craved on a silver platter. ​

While cruising the internet, I found a Jack Canfield video where he asked a simple question, “What do you want?” Then he went on to explain that you can have what you want if you “take 100% responsibility.” ​

That was my big ah-ha moment. I realized that in my aversion to discipline, to wanting to do it my way, I was blaming everything and everyone for my lack of results. Blamesville was tightening its grip on me. ​

That was the day I resolved to create a life I love—I would become an inspirational leader and always take the time to watch and appreciate the sunset . . . and I do! ​

I left Blamesville and went on the road! I researched how to reach goals and how to live a full life. I completed my MBA, became certified as a Success Principles Coach, Life Coach, Time Prism Coach, and Color Code Trainer.

I eventually developed a success blueprint that was easy to follow and implement. It works for me and it will work for you! I now know without a doubt that what I rejected most—discipline—is the very thing that affords me the time to get more out of life. ​

Now, I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover what you want, make a plan to get it, and implement that plan. I believe that everyone deserves an easy-to-follow blueprint to create a life they love.